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'John J Dick Leather Goods' are purveyors of leather goods, leather giftware and luxury Scottish gifts to the public and to the trade in Fife, Edinburgh, Dundee and across Scotland. Commissions accepted.

One of the most famous if not infamous leather goods to come from John J Dick's workshop was the school belt, known also as the Lochgelly Tawse. Great interest still exists in the subject and none of the other websites have it quite right so here Margaret J Dick, daughter of John J Dick and granddaughter of George W Dick gives you...

'The History of the Lochgelly Tawse'.

Lochgelly Tawse Limited Edition
Celebrating 60 years of John.J.Dick maker Lochgelly

This classic miniature Tawse is limiited to 100 and is accompanied by a note of authentication from Margaret J Dick and on the flip side a history scroll signed by John J Dick.

Each miniature tawse is approx 30cm long, 3cm wide at its widest point and 0.5cm thick.

Cost is only £30 with £10 of that being donated to charity

Two charities will benefit from your purchase of the Lochgelly Tawse Limited Edition, £5 will be donated to 'HaitiHelp', and £5 will also be donated to local charity 'Tayside Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre',

Lochgelly Miniature Tawse Limited Edition £30
Celebrating 60 years of John.J.Dick maker Lochgelly

‘The Bull'
(symbol of the Pictish Royal family)

The Bull insignia is our sign of quality, stamped on many of our handcrafted products, including bags, tankards and belts.

Why The Bull?
(symbol of the Pictish Royal family)

Protected on one side from the river Forth and on the other from the river Tay, Fife has always been important in Scottish politics and a strategic royal stronghold,

In Dunfermline we have the magnificent Abbey adorned with King Robert Bruce’s name and seeped in the history of Malcolm and Margaret Canmore’s reign. Moving along and up the coast we see the story of trade and defence in the fortifications at Ravenscraig castle.

If from Kirkcaldy we head out the Standing Stanes road towards Leven then we’re heading into the mysterious Kingdom of the Picts, sadly not a single standing stone remains to line Standing Stanes road, the canny Fifers must have used them to build their homes but their artwork can be seen at Wemyss caves and on numerous standing stones throughout Scotland.

A shortage of written history and material remains leaves plenty room in the imagination for folklore and supposition. I like to think of the picts as a matriarchal society of wise women and cure wives living at one with nature and choosing their husbands from the cream of the other tribal peoples in these Islands, in my historical supposition they were never conquered but gradually took on the beliefs of the Celts (many a standing stone has a Celtic cross on one side and ancient Pictish symbols on the other) and amalgamated with the other tribes to create the Scots we have become. Who knows but I like to think a wee bit of the Pict still exists in my leather craft today.

Margaret J Dick

Contact: Margaret J Dick,T/a John J Dick Leather Goods, Lochgelly, Fife, KY5 0AU




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John J Dick Leather Goods, Lochgelly, Fife, Scotland. Purveyors of hand crafted leather goods and leather giftware to shops and businesses in Edinburgh, Dundee and across Scotland. Manufactures of leather goods, bags, sporrens, belts, instrument cases, workman's gear, tourist goods, the infamous Lochgelly Tawse and giftware. Commisions accepted. Please email Margaret J Dick at