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Leather & Suede Handmade Goods

Care of Products

Handcrafted for you!

Whether it's a timeless classic bag like Dal Riata or the new latest fashion Kelpie they are all made with the same care and attention to detail and should with normal use last for 'Donkey's years' if you have any problems or the new puppy chews the strap just get it back to me and I'll see what can be done to sort it out.

Caring for leather and suede!

If you leave it in full sun it will fade, in a very dry atmosphere it will dry and possibly crack and in a damp cupboard it will go mouldy so please avoid doing these things! If it gets soaked on a long rainy walk treat it like you would a good pair of leather shoes, unbuckle all straps pack gently with scrunched up newspaper (undyed tissue paper for light coloured items) and leave in a well ventilated place to dry naturally please never ever force dry leather or suede.

In normal use very little maintenance will be required. If it gets a little dirty or to remove a stain use saddle soap on leather and a suede cleaner on suede, never use detergent!

You might want to give leather a bit of a polish up from time to time a neutral shoe polish applied sparingly and buffed up well is as good as anything. If the leather has gotten a wee bit scuffed use the appropriate coloured shoe polish but take care to buff up really well so that no residue transfers to your clothes.

Contact: Margaret J Dick,T/a John J Dick Leather Goods, Lochgelly, Fife, KY5 0AU


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John J Dick Leather Goods, Lochgelly, Fife, Scotland. Purveyors of hand crafted leather goods and leather giftware to shops and businesses in Edinburgh, Dundee and across Scotland. Manufactures of leather goods, bags, sporrens, belts, instrument cases, workman's gear, tourist goods, the infamous Lochgelly Tawse and giftware. Commisions accepted. Please email Margaret J Dick at m.dick759@btinternet.com