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The true history of the Lochgelly Tawse
(AKA School Belt or The Strap)
By Margaret J Dick (daughter of John J Dick & granddaughter of George W Dick)

Part 3- The Yard

George Wilson Dick (born1882 died1955) my grandfather began his apprenticeship in 1896 after a brief spell down the pit. His apprenticeship involved 4 years learning to be a Black Saddler (Harness Maker), 3 years learning to be a Brown Saddler (Saddle and Bridle Maker) and a further 3 years as an improver, in these days you paid for the privilege of being trained so the first 7 years were unwaged and had to be paid for, during the 3 years as an improver he received a wage and worked exclusively for R.Philp & Son. After his 10 years were up he was free to take his trade out into the world and he worked for a couple of years as a journeyman in Cupar, Fife. In 1908 he married Janet Downie Urquart Shand (born1885, died1954) whose family were publicans in Cowdenbeath and who was a cousin to the world famous accordion player Jimmy Shand.

George & Janet Dick
The Lochgelly Tawse George Dick and Janet Dick

One year later he set up in business with his brother Robert Shand Dick (born1878, died1953) who was trained as a Couch Builder and The Yard, High Street, Lochgelly was formed.

History Of The Lochgelly Tawse - Horse Drawn Wagon Built At The Yard

~Horse drawn wagon built at The Yard~

Around 1924 he started producing his first school belts using his own stamp G.W.DICK SADDLER & Co LOCHGELLY

History Of The Lochgelly Tawse - Lochgelly Tawse Stamp - G.W.Dick Saddler & Co Lochgelly

This stamp was superseded in the early to mid 1940's to celebrate his last and youngest son John joining the business in the saddler's workshop. G.W.DICK & SON LTD MAKERS LOCHGELLY

In 1948 James Heggie sold up the saddlery and Iron mongers business in Main Street to George Dick and his son John Johnston Dick.


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